SBT™ Unique Symbolic Visualisation Technique

Do You Realise Your Power?
Consistent winners Visualise - imagine themselves winning and achieving.
Visualisation is essential for progressive performance.
Like anything built to last, progressive best behaviour is built upon solid foundation blocks.
With SBT™ these blocks are:
• Visualisation Symbols
• Self Talk Program Script
• Key Empowerment Words
When used daily, SBT™ repetition, simply builds better behaviour.
The use of symbols to represent smart self growth ideas


>Updates personal best version daily in 5 minutes.
>Shows complete progress cycle in 4 Stages and 5 Steps.
>Uses Kaizen business philosophy (which simply means
''change for better"), to continuously improve all activities.
>Steps and Stages are symbolic/colour coded for easy use
and represent partial and complete daily progress achievement.
>By thinking of a goal and visualising behaviour at each step to achieve it,
the whole achievement behaviour process needed to reach the goal
can be seen as 'the bigger picture'.
Visualising personal behaviour in this way,
creates self awareness of an ability to control and modify behaviour
and the ability to create and take better and higher behaviour paths
to greater achievement.
Every progress achievement, creates further realisation of the ability
to focus thoughts and behaviour,to achieve more (Virtuous Circle) .
> SBT™ powers personal, progressive, positive choice:
Negative behaviour is changed to positive behaviour.
Positive behaviour is reinforced, modified and progressed.
>SBT™Key Empowerment Words (KEW’s)
An alphabetical list of internally spoken empowering words
which can be personalised.
>Simplicity - learn how to use use SBT™ SMART GROWTH KEY once,
then use 5 minutes daily for exponential growth.
Imagine personal exponential growth potential, today, tomorrow, in ten months
and in ten years using SBT™ - just put the mind to it!
> SBT™ Uses include:
Actualisation, Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Attitude, Bullying, Confidence, Creativity, Development, Depression, Discrimination, Empowerment, Equality, Exponential Growth, Fear, Focus, Goals, Growth, Health, Improvement, Integration, Leadership, Management, Mediation, Mental Health, OCD, Organisation, Phobia, Positivity, Progress, Planning, Recovery, Relationships, Relaxation, Sales, Self-esteem, Sleep, Sport, Stress, Success, Team Building, Time Management, Visualisation, Wealth, Weight, Well-being, Zen

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SBT™ Feedback Sample

Before using Smart Behaviour Trainer I reacted impulsively and badly in many ways. I had a situation at work with a colleague who was aggressive and angry towards me. The situation escalated and we nearly had a fight in the work car park. The result was we both nearly lost our jobs. After that I found SBT. Since using the SBT tool 5 minutes daily, I am able to see my behaviour change - in my mind before I act and react and can visualise the outcome. I consider what I do now and life generally is much better. When out shopping recently, I bumped into the work colleague (as we lived in the same town) and instead of getting angry I suggested we have a coffee. He was initially shocked but agreed. During our coffee we talked and I asked him why he was so angry. He said he didn't know why but admitted that he felt bad about his behaviour and so did I. I admitted that I had handled the situation with him at work badly too and that I had changed. I apologised to him and then he did to me. I showed him SBT. He now uses it too and we have become friends.
Dan, London
Wow! I can't thank Mitch enough for SBT. He really understands why I did what I did, as he had similar life challenges. I used to drink too much and it nearly destroyed me. I used to use alcohol to deal with any situation, both good and bad. I drove my car whilst drunk and smashed it up. Luckily, no one was hurt. Now with SBT I can think NO drink.
Julie, Bedfordshire

About SBT™Mitch Anthony
Mitch has been creating (initially to modify his own behaviour), developing, using, sharing and instructing
SBT™ Symbolic Visualisation daily since 2016.
He was a lecturer in Business Studies, Child Development, Health & Nutrition, History, Psychology,
Social History and Social Skills at Spelthorne College (UK) and Merton College (UK).
He also lectured and taught Art, Chess, Citizenship, Drama and Social Skills at
Feltham Young Offenders Institution (UK), where he was previously a Samaritan visitor.
Additionally, Mitch assists organisations with business development, sales & marketing.

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